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Lenhart Plumbing is serious about keeping your residential & commercial plumbing pipes healthy and functioning properly — that's why we use advanced camera techniques to identify pipe blockages. As you may know, tree roots are a common cause of pipe obstruction, but certainly not the only possibility.


To determine the exact cause of the problem and its exact location, we use specialized camera inspection equipment. The small camera used in our inspection allows us to get a clear view of your pipes from within. With the camera tool, we can inspect every inch of the area and even catch impending problems before another obstruction can block your pipes.


Damaged or misaligned plumbing pipes


Our camera inspection service may reveal cracked or crushed pipes or misalignment. You're Lenhart Plumbing plumber will use the findings to plan the best solution for the plumbing problem.


Avoiding plumbing emergencies


  • After performing an inspection of your pipes our plumbers may be able to recommend updated or upgraded drain components (or a simple retrofit) to help prevent plumbing problems from recurring.
  • When you notice a drain running slowly, you may be heading for a serious pipe blockage in the plumbing system. Call Lenhart Plumbing, ASAP.


Buying a new home?  Do you know what to look for?


Are you qualified to do a thorough & accurate inspection of the plumbing system?  The average person does not have a clue what to look for in a plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, insulation, for roof system of a home.  If you don't have these systems inspected by a trained, licensed tradesman (not a run-of-the-mill home inspector)  BEFORE you buy that new home then any problems you find AFTER the sale will be your own fault.  Don't make this mistake like so many careless others do - every day.  BE SMART.  Call a good, licensed professional.  Pay his fee for a REAL system inspection and go to the bargaining table KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE BUYING

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