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Evidently this home owner thought that if his basement ever flooded, his expensive furnace, water heater, washer, dryer and personal belongings would just "Float......high and dry!"  I guess he realizes now he was wrong. And he is not alone. We help home owners every year who make the same mistake. How about you? Is your basement adequately protected by a reliable sump pump system? If not, how much would it cost you to replace the valuables you keep there?


We offer good quality sump pumps to fit every need. Currently, the most popular is a two-pump, factory pre-built system consisting of a good quality 110 volt electric regular sump pump AND a good quality battery back-up sump pump that work together to protect your home.


Most battery back-up sump pumps are not worth purchasing and installing. They sit idle and forgotten for months in the sump pit, while the owner feels secure and protected. Then when it's really needed, it won't run due to poor design, lack of maintenance and exercise.


Our battery back-up sump pumps exercise themselves automatically once each week so they can run when you need them to. They self-monitor and alarm to notify you of problems in more ways than can be mentioned in this ad. They can even be set up to phone you when a sump pump related problem arises in your basement!


For a reliable sump pump system that is worth purchasing and installing, phone us today!



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