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Whether your water comes from a well or a municipal supply system, your money is most wisely invested under the direction of the educated and up-to-date professionals at Lenhart Plumbing.  We can help with nearly ANY water supply need you may have.


Are you dissatisfied with the water pressure from your current well system?  Why continue to adjust your usage and schedule to accommodate it?  STOP basing your comfort and satisfaction on old technology.


With our SmartFlo™ Constant Pressure System for drilled wells, you will enjoy GREAT water pressure at a constant rate from EVERY faucet in your home or business.  No more worrying about "not enough water" because others are running water when you want to.


Our SmartFlo™ Constant Pressure Systems are individually sized for your specific needs and deliver all the water you need, at the pressure you want, whenever you want it!


These units are space saving AND affordable.


Take advantage of our free well system inspection offer by calling our office to schedule an appointment.

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